Furry Legends of Paradise
Summer 2024
August 2nd—4th


The Furry Legends of Paradise, or FLoP, is a furry social event that takes place multiple times a year, hosted by the furries of Las Vegas. Unlike most other furry conventions, we don't usually offer panels or host events in big grand ballrooms. We buy out smaller hotels and focus on bringing furries together in fun locations. If that's just hanging out by the pool, or exploring a new part of our state, FLoP is all about creating moments with furries, with no money needed to join in. We've found out that buying out an entire small hotel is cheaper than renting out a bar or nightclub, and it's way more fun than just a typical park meet! To get to know us, and our culture, let us share with your our core values:

Our Values


We will never let financials deter you from our event. We will always allow you to enjoy our event regardless of how much you pay. If our event grows to the point where we require registration, there will always be a free tier. It is very important to us that we price our events at the lowest price we can to ensure we never exclude anyone.

Overwhelming Inclusivity

We welcome all furries, regardless of your gender, sexuality, race, or however you identify. We do not welcome those who harm others, those who steal, or those who wish to ruin the enjoyment of others. It is never okay to make someone else uncomfortable. We're all furries.

Respect to our Community
The Las Vegas furry community, and the furry fandom as a whole is full of artisans from all backgrounds and age ranges. While our community is primarily adults, and Las Vegas is usually considered a playground for adults, it would be very ignorant to say there is no need for an all-ages space in our community. For this reason, we will always strive to make a space available to all age ranges in the Las Vegas area. With respect to this, adult areas, such as room parties, are always for furries over the age of 18, and alcohol consumption is restricted to those who are over 21.

Previous Events...

FLoP 2023 (June 16-18 2023)
Our first event in Beaver, UT was at the Best Western Butch Cassidy Inn. We sold over 30 hotel rooms and had around 100 furries come out and join us!
FLoP Spring 2024 (March 1-3 2024)
Our second event was on Mount Charleston, just outside of Las Vegas at the Retreat on Charleston Peak. We doubled the number of rooms compared to our last hotel while having over 200 furries experience being snowed in on a mountain.

...and our mascots

John Flop is a Beaver from Beaver, Utah! He moved to Las Vegas from Utah in hopes to have more social opportunity! He is the founder of FLoP!

Floppy is a fish—not just any fish, but a Lahontan cutthroat trout, the state fish of Nevada. You might not think a fish would call Nevada home, but Floppy loves his home and all the friends he's made!