Furry Legends of Paradise
Summer 2024
August 2nd—4th


Our Summer 2024 event will bring back our popular sponsor packages!!

Unlike other furry events, FLoP is free to attend for all furries! We fund our events by buying out entire hotels and fractioning off the cost to furries who buy hotel rooms. While this is where a large majority of our revenue comes from, we want to keep room costs low for our attendees. So to fill the gap and cover other incidental expenses, we are offering you the ability to directly sponsor our event!

You can acquire a sponsorship package via Conspace!!

Become a Sponsorconspace.app

We're offering these packages (!!)

Super Sponsor
  • Everything in the Sponsor package, plus...
  • Collective FLoP Challenge Coin (or alternative physical item)
The FLoP Baptism
  • Everything in the Super Sponsor package, plus...
  • We will baptize you in the hotel pool on Saturday night (we're not a cult, I promise)