Furry Legends of Paradise
Spring 2024
Friday, March 1st—Sunday, March 3rd


What is FLoP?
Furry Legends of Paradise is a furry social event where we buyout hotels and have fun! The events are free to attend and are fursuit friendly!
What does Legends of Paradise mean?
We just wanted to be silly :) At times we may refer to our attendees as Legends.
How is the event free?
We put the cost to buy out the venue into the price of the hotel room. Our Sponsors help us afford the rest! You don’t need to get a hotel room, or sponsor the event to join us!
Can I attend without buying a hotel room?
Absolutely! We invite you to join us for the dealers den on Saturday afternoon, or our evening dances on Friday and Saturday night. Parking is free!
What happened to your event in Beaver, UT?
Our Southern Utah event will make a comeback this summer! Las Vegas is too hot that time of year!
I can’t make it anymore! What is the cancellation policy?
For hotel rooms, we will attempt to find someone else to fill your room. If we are successful, we can return your payment in full! Rooms are also fully transferable to any furry! For sponsorships, we can give you a refund up until December 31st 2023, assuming you did not take advantage of the hotel room benefit. After January 1st 2024 we will be unable to refund you due to the proximity of the event. We can mail your T-Shirt to you at no additional cost.
I want to get an extra voucher for the Saturday Night Dinner Buffet.
Currently the only way to obtain additional dinner vouchers is through our Super Sponsor and High Roller sponsor tiers. Dealers and DJs are also given the option to get an additional dinner voucher as a benefit to their community service.
Can I get a con shirt outside of the sponsor package?
Currently the only way to obtain the convention T-Shirt is through obtaining any sponsor tier. Dealers and DJs are also given the option to get a T-Shirt as a benefit to their community service. We may change this in the future.
I want to help out with the event! What can I do?
If you wish to help out financially, consider becoming a sponsor! If you want to work with our event, reach out to us at any event in the Las Vegas area, and we’ll definitely find a way you can help.
What’s your policy on attendees under 18?
While you must be 18 to check into a hotel room, our event is not providing other restrictions on minors. Common sense dictates your parent or legal guardian should be aware of your activities, as well as Clark County having a curfew on minors in the evening. As long as you follow the law and common sense, you’re more than welcome to visit us over the weekend for activies such as fursuiting, the dealers den and the evening dances.
What if I got more questions?
Email us at hello { @ } flop.vegas and we'll try to help!